Poster Presentations:

Posters for in-person attendees will be displayed on the poster board throughout the symposium. Additionally, posters will be uploaded to the website in PDF format according to this template.  Please position the title and authors at the top of your poster and include a photo of the presenting author to foster interaction with other participants during the symposium breaks. In addition to the template if some changes are required please take into account the following suggested ranges for font sizes of different poster sections (Remember, a typical academic poster, when printed, is MUCH larger than a laptop screen!):

  • poster title: 80-120 pts (bold recommended)
  • author name(s): 54-60 pts
  • headings: 40-48 pts
  • body text: 26-32 pts
  • figure captions: 18 pts

Poster File Format:

Your poster should be presented in portrait format only. Landscape format posters will not be displayed.

The poster’s dimensions must not exceed A0 size (84.1 x 118.9 cm).

Posters should have a resolution of 300 dpi. Authors are urged to adhere to the size restrictions; otherwise, we may not be able to showcase your poster. (When exporting from PowerPoint, use the 1200 dpi resolution)

Posters should be submitted via the SIMERPE website, where they will be received and printed by the SIMERPE team.

Poster Session:

At least one author from each poster should be present at the symposium to discuss their work.


The poster PDF must be sent using the form below before October the 3rd, 2023

Fill out my online form.